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Recent news​

Comme Je Suis
January - May 2017 

A Contemporary circus and dance show, in collaboration with the company ... a mix from the world of dance and the world  circus, combining their technique to create a show about  individuals and their journey through life.


For Photos from this show please click HERE.



France 3
May 2017


Laura and Dorian recently appeared on French television with a news report about their circus careers and teaching careers.



April 2017

Laura and Dorian were recently featured in an article about their lives as acrobats and their accomplishments in the circus careers​ in the French Magazine Famosa.


December 2016

Laura and Dorian appeared in a Cabaret in France at the end of the year performing their hand to hand act for the company "Tout par terre" 

New acts - Hand to Hand and Aerial Straps.

May - June 2016


lLaura & Dorian presented their new Hand to hand act, working with dance and images to create this new piece, they also created a new  Duo Aerial Straps acts, in collaboration with the talented musician Joris Gonzales.








Costa Pacifica - Cruise Ship

November 2014 - May 2015


Performing their own show on board the Costa Pacifica Cruise Ship.


They also appeared in Costa's variety show during their time onboard.








Costa Medditerania - Cruise Ship

 Septembre - Décembre 2015


Performing their own show on board the Costa Pacifica Cruise Ship.


They also appeared in Costa's variety show during their time onboard.








Ice & Fire - Costa Favolosa


Performing their hand to hand act and a brand new adagio act onboard the Costa Favolosa in the Show Íce and Fire´


For Photos from this show please click HERE.




November 2013


Laura and Dorian performed their adagio act at the Theatre Agora.  Dorian also debuted his new diabolo act.










April 2014


Perfoming alongside two fantastic Singers Marina Simioni & Matthew Burn, in their unique show Inspirations onboard the Costa Magica Cruise Ship.






















Costa Magica

November 2013 - April 2014


Performing their own variety show on board theCosta Magica Cruise Ship.









Planet Diabolo


Dorian recently appeared in ´The Planet Diabolo´ DVD.

The Project envisioned by French diabolo artist Nico Pires 
and his associates Priam Pierret and Thierry Delaveau, 
this initiative has brought together artists 
from very different styles and origins.


For more information about the project, visit their website:








June 2013


Duo Diverse recently performed in the contemporary show Reverse, at the Agora Theatre, France.

Created in assosiation with Ini Cirque and performer Cyril Catard.


Laura and Dorian performed a variety of disciplines including Hand to Hand, Duo Straps, Floor acrobatics, Dance and Juggling skills.






Ice and Fire

September - October 2013


Laura and Dorian  recently cruised around the Mediterranean

performing their Adagio and Duo Straps Acts.










Bollywood Film


Laura & Dorian recently got back from Mumbai, India where

they shot acrobatic scenes in a BollywoodFilm by Yash Raj Film.


The film is set to release in December 2013.


Laura & Dorian had an exciting weekend, performing in assosiation with Ini Cirque at Carnival.


They performed their adagio act for the outdoors crowds, the sun was shining and everyone enjoyed the performances.  



Mercedes-Benz Event

A fun couple of days in London, performing their adagio act at a

Mercedes-Benz fire and ice event.










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